Thursday, March 31, 2011


While we wait for a possible
14 inches of snow on this April Eve...

Here I sit...

Listening to Seal's "Amazing" on repeat...

("I want you to always feel you're amazing...")

All I can say is this:

Frida and I are ready for spring! NOW!

(Frida's fabulous spring fashion
from the venerable House of Tumble Fish Studios,
head couturier, the Marvelous Mademoiselle Marsha!)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monsieur Hermé Raids the Garden Again...

My Dearest Friends,
You know you can trust me to bring you some of the most interesting, thinking-outside-of-the-box sorts of desserts. So, once again, I bring you something that may not be for everyone, but you're not here for a devil's food cupcake, are you?

You may remember my post from almost two years ago when Pierre Hermé paired lemon, strawberry and tomato into something surreally divine. (And if not, please feel free to click here!). Once again, he is pursuing what may seem to be unusual combinations in some of his recent macaron flavors, but really the stretch is not so far:

-Métissé: Carotte, Orange et Canelle (Carrot, Orange and Cinnamon) - This seems a very natural pairing to me. I used to drink a combination of carrot and orange or carrot and tangerine juice quite often and I can easily imagine cinnamon pairing with it ina very natural way. So many vegetables are normally seen as being savory, but many, like carrots, possess so much natural sweetness that they pair very easily with fruit.

-Dépaysé: Thé Vert Matcha, Haricot Rouge Azuki, Citron Vert & Gingembre (Matcha Green Tea, Red Adzuki Beans, Lime and Ginger) - This seems another natural matching, only with an Asian twist. The deeply intense matcha with the bright/deep lime and the bite of the ginger would be fantastic together. And utilizing red adzuki beans is brilliant because they are ground into a paste and made into desserts in China and Japan, as well as other dishes in Somalia and India.

-Asperge Verte et Huile de Noisette (Green Asperagus and Hazelnut oil) - This would be the challenging flavor combination, but I can see how the common earthy notes in the asperagus and the hazelnut could combine to make something very unique! And, once again, there is a note of sweetness in the freshest of spring asperagus.

But of course, if you are one of those picky kids who just refuses to have their vegetables, I won't make you sit at the table and pout! Please go pick something else for yourself from the dear little brochures that are given at his stores!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just for today...

...the curtains are drawn and the "closed" signs are on the doors of The Gossamer Tearoom and Mirabella Morello as we celebrate My Dear Mr. V's Birthday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Dearest Friends,
It makes me so very happy to know that I have such lovely friends out there in the Aether! Thank you to each and every one of you that takes the time to stop here, wether you leave a comment or not. Of course I love to read your comments, but anytime you would like to come in, quietly have a look around and a cup of tea and leave, that is perfectly OK!

Updating what has been happening in The Tearoom, my tea review from my last post was enjoyed by Lili and Kedra of Opus Oils, they posted a link to it in their news section and Kedra blogged about me on her beautiful and creative blog, Scents of Imagination! She used the very cool picture I have added above in her post about the review, which I re-post here with much gratitude!

Now, when you visit Mirabella Morello, you will be greeted by the cheerful, twinkly sounds of music boxes:

Moonlight Sonata Music Box Works

Braham's Lullaby Music Box Works

Happy Birthday Music Box Works

There has been much to keep me busy in my little vintage shop! I have so many new lovely things to list that I can barely keep up! But I can tell you that the very newest items there are for your creative art projects! I have listed only the first batch of sweet little music boxes! Also, I have just finished some tiny projects that I am using as examples of how to use some vintage shorthand pages and 1950's road maps, now on sale in the shop. They are perfect for your altered art and collage projects!

Jar decorated with paper from vintage shorthand magazines

Card and envelope made using paper from a vintage road atlas

I have so much more coming up...rubber stamps....lovely teacups....sweet cream and sugar sets....more music boxes....

And there are even more projects to come, in case you are worried that The Gossamer Tearoom Shop is being neglected...

But on a sad note, a very dear friend has closed her blogs, due to theft of her artwork. Karma plays a big part in how this blogging/online art world works. My heart is sad for her at the contamination of her sacred art space and for her followers.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Apparently, Dreaming Is Essential

Dearest Friends of The Tearoom,
Everyone who attends my virtual tea parties here at The Tearoom knows that a great deal of dreaming goes into their planning. I find pastries and teas online, imagine how their combinations of flavors would taste and match them together for our virtual Salons de Thé. But most of the teas I write about are on my wishlist to be tried.

What a great opportunity is is for me to bring to you today a review of a very special tea from Opus Oils of Los Angeles and Paris. I was sent a sample of their Absinthe Tea, along with my order of perfume samples, which I was testing for my use in a top secret art project. And, of course, being the creature of curiosity that I am, I had to explore their entire website, which is really fun and glamourous!

Opus Oils creates highly creative and original scents and “Perfumed Teas, Hand Infused with Floral Absolutes”. I was very honored to have the chance to sample one of their Jitterbug Perfume Parlour Teas for myself.

This is what they had to say about their Absinthe Tea:
“Sweet & nostalgic, this unique black tea blend is delicious, enchanting, and extremely addictive…  
Made with Green Pear Black Tea ~ Violet Black Tea ~ Vanilla Black Tea ~ Violet Leaf Absolute Infused Blue Malva flowers ~ Anise Seeds”

They have added just a few crystals of rock sugar to this tea when they blended it, so try it just as it is before adding anything else. (As one should always do when tasting either a tea or a coffee for the first time. Even if you dislike drinking your tea or coffee black, you will better appreciate the more subtle flavors and learn to identify them easier. As a fellow dreamer told me when he taught me to taste coffee, “Just close your eyes and listen...” And if you appreciate wine, you already know how to “listen”!).

This tea starts out with strong tannic notes, but the next note is a divine, complex combination of herbal, flowery and creamy notes, with just a touch of anise flavor. At this point, I added a bit of sugar to bring out these notes even more. (Of course you may add whatever sweetening you prefer, but I find white sugar is more neutral in flavor.) The black tea adds the rich, resinous base, followed up with the green herbal notes from the pear and violet leaf absolute, the deeply floral violet, the creamy, but exotic note of the vanilla and anise seeds for a final note of absinthe; a unique and luxurious experience. This is a tea to be savored, sipped slowly and as they say it is “extremely addictive”! This tea was delicious hot and they do suggest serving it iced as well. I’m certain that sipping it iced on a hot summer night would be a decadent experience!

Thank you to Lili of Opus Oils for letting me experience your beautiful and creative tea!

(And by the way, two nights after drinking this, I tasted it again, in a dream I had, so apparently, dreaming is essential to tea-tasting!)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Can't Tell You Yet...

Dearest Friends,
Just a short note to keep you up to date on what sorts of lovely new things are brewing for The Tearoom:

A new range of my beautiful silk brooches for The Gossamer Tearoom. . .

A secret project...I can only tell you that it involves silk and the delightful participation of two fragrance designers...

A review of a tea that I dreamed about after I drank it...
All coming very, very soon!

And, as always, more and more sweet vintage items at Mirabella Morello!

I hope you will keep checking back for all the new surprises!