Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today is the Day!

Greetings Dear Friends!
Our Dear Friend Mimi of Bonjour Romance has outdone herself this time! The January edition of "Belle Inspiration" is out and there are just so many beautiful articles and photos inside!! If you haven't subscribed yet, here is a link so that you can see what I am so excited about! I have been loving this magazine since it first came out this fall and as I mentioned yesterday, having my tutorial for my "We'll Always Have Paris" banner included in this issue is such an honor!

And, here are some images of some of my new silk brooches, available on my Etsy site. When ordering, please use the code "belleinspiration" for 10% off on your entire order until February 14th!

The Lovers -One

Rose de Blanc

Watching You

Soyons Discrets (Let's Be Discrete)

Heliotrope Parfum

Rose Verité


  1. Beautiful stuff! Never seen anything like them. I really like the countess.

  2. I took a quick peek at the magazine, and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I absolutely love your silk broaches! My friend, LuLu Kellogg told me about your blog and etsy shop. So glad she did!
    I`m off to see your beautiful creations...
    Have a Blessed Tues~

  4. Darling Betty I am sorry to be so very late to tell you how truly amazing this creations are!:-) I love each and every one of them. I think you are completely brilliant to come up with the design idea!I loved, loved, 1000000 times LOVED the photograph with the brooches being displayed on the little couch - how very chic! Amazing! I really think this one is one of the most freshest and most beautiful ideas I saw in a long time.:-)

  5. What a wondrous collection of art to wear!

    I hope you are snug and warm!


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