Friday, January 14, 2011

A Day of Surprises!

Dear Friends,
You may wonder where I have been hiding. I have been tucked away in the Attic of Creativity, away from The Tearoom, but now I am back! I have some surprises for you!

First, the most recent edition of "Belle Inspiration" will be published tomorrow. For those who don't know, it is published by Mimi, of the "Bonjour Romance" blog in Paris! "Belle Inspiration" is the online magazine she publishes and she is graciously running a tutorial that I wrote in the newest edition!! I am so honored! In the tutorial, I explain how I have made a "We'll Always Have Paris" banner to decorate your home! I have so much fun creating art projects like this and I am just so happy to share my ideas with you! If you haven't yet, you can order your copy of "Belle Inspiration" here. It is just so beautiful and so much fun! I love looking at it, sipping a cup of tea, making note of all the great recipes and ideas from it that I will try.

Second, I have also been busy creating a new line of items for my Etsy shop (which is also called "The Gossamer Tearoom", in case you haven't visited yet!). In the past, I have mainly made cards and cardsets, bookmarks, calendars and a few small collage sheets. But what I have been working on recently is something completely different! I have created a line of beautiful brooches made of silk! I have many images to choose from (and I'm creating more all the time), but if you have an image that you would like to have made into a custom design brooch, please contact me, either through e-mail or Etsy convo. Also, if you happen to want to buy them without the pin backs, I am happy to sell them to you! They would make the sweetest little pillows in a dollhouse or vignette! These silk brooches are beautiful and unique. The images are gorgeous printed on the silk and they are so soft!

Below is a very brief video preview I made of some of the designs I will be offering in my first collection. (The music is "Burnout Eyess" by oOooo.) The new collection will debut tomorrow in my Etsy shop!

It is so nice to see you all again, Dear Friends and thank you for stopping in to see what is new in The Tearoom!


  1. Hello,dear Betty:-)*

    Yes,I am totaly agree with you,my dear friend about beyond fabulous online Magazine of Mimi''Belle Inspiration''...just very talented peoples are together making life all of us more pretty and more nice,more beautiful!!!

    I look your etsy shop...and the are SO much pretty,just gorgoeus creations of you!
    Like it SO very much,dearest Betty:-)))*

    Wish you lovely,nice weekend,

    Cheers,much Love to you,

  2. Bon Jour Betty! What a lovely post of surprises! Congratulations on all of your new creations! Loved touring your Etsy full of yummy treasures and the video. You have made the ambiance magnifique! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Bonjour Betty,
    What a fantastic video, and your new creations are wonderful.
    Thank you for being such a good friend,


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