Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Because of My Mommy...

Dearest Friends of The Tearoom,
Your patience with my infrequent visits here means the world to me. For those who don't remember the reason for my absence, please click her picture on the sidebar to the right and read the post I made in May.

It has been a very hard part of my and Mr. V's life, but we have found some measure of relief now. As of a week ago, my mother now lives in a home for people with severe dementia and they now have her very involved in all the fun activities they have for them and she sometimes forgets to miss us now. As sad as it is, it is better for her and ultimately, for us.

Above is a picture of My Mommy in a time before I was a part of her life. At the time this picture was taken, she lived in a tiny apartment she loved in Portland, Maine and still held a dream of being a country western singer in her heart. Her life took her away from that life and that dream, but she still kept enough of it to share with me, in the form of memories and inspiration.

You see, when I was a little girl, My Mommy was a Magician!!!! Oh the things she could do! She taught me to sing the songs she loved the best so that I could go on and sing all the songs I love the best now. I watched as she took all of those big red plastic containers on the kitchen cupboard and added some to some eggs and other things and made cookies!! She also showed me how you could put some sort of a stick with fur on the end into a glass of water, rubbed it over some hard things and made color to paint with!! She tried to teach me not to use the glass of lemonade instead of the glass of water to rinse my brush, but I got so caught up in making pictures that soon my lemonade would be a color it did not start out as and I wouldn't be allowed to finish it! (This is why, to this day, I cannot drink and paint at the same time!!). But the most magic thing My Mommy The Magician did was take away almost all of my crayons one day and show me how the blue, yellow and red were the only ones I really needed! How did she know such a thing?? And why didn't the people who made crayons know this?? The Gifts of Creativity and Curiosity were the some of the most important things she ever gave me.

Since we have been here, it has been very hard work to take care of her. And most days, I didn't have the energy left at the end of the day to do some of the things I wanted to do like visit you, my dear friends, here at The Tearoom.

But I know that My Mommy would not want me to stop doing magical things, so it is with love and honor in my heart that I announce my return to The World of Blogovia. My return may still be slow at first as I still go to My Mommy's new home and spend time with her, but I am so, so happy to tell you that I will be participating in The Magical Mademoiselle Vanessa's Halloween Party on October 16, in the Magical Land of A Fanciful Twist!

My Mommy gave me my love of Art and Music and those two things have brought the most joy to my life. Please don't forget to visit The Tearoom on October 16th, share a cup of tea and a bite of cake with me. I will be there to greet you and so will My Mommy in spirit.