Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chocolates? Yes, Please!

Dearest Friends,
I must admit that when faced with choices for desserts, I will almost always choose something that is not chocolate. It's not that I don't like chocolate, but a lot of the time, the non-chocolate desserts seem more interesting to me. But when I saw these chocolates, I couldn't help but be interested! They speak the language of simplicity on one level, yet on other levels they are nothing but rococco!

Fauchon in Paris has a new line of chocolates called "Choc Made in F". Decorated only with numbers for the solid chocolates and the letter "F" for the ones with fillings, the new line includes the essential flavors one expects to see in chocolates, but of course done in Fauchon style, described by them this way:

Numbered 0-9, these morsels offer the ten simple tastes most desired by chocolate lovers, truly universal tastes: vanilla, creamy, coffee, full bodied, fruity, caramel. . .

A complementary line of ten sweets
Ultra gourmet for more sophisticated characters, multiple buds and notes.
This real range of fruit flavors combines nuggets of voluptuous aromas of flowers and spices to better reveal the facets of chocolate, ganache, praline, dark or milk.

All the simplicity of a praline revisited through the prism of coconut and hazelnut from Piedmont or associated with the more unexpected zest of lemon. Fragile aromas and seductive violet curve along the raspberry in an intense black blanket...

This collection can be enjoyed with eyes closed, a furtive trip to the sensual emotions while immediately-recognizable perfumes envelope textures, leave room for other notes and end on a pure taste of chocolate.

Until you can sample them in real life, please tempt yourself here.

Rococo Chocolates in London just goes out of their way to make sure that everything they make is beautiful! I am just afraid that if I visited, I would not be able to lift my own shopping bag! How could you resist anything they have to offer?

The chocolates above are their floral creams, topped with candied violets and rose petals. According to Kevin Gould writing in Waitrose Food Illustrated, "Rococo's chocolates simply sing in the mouth." and the floral creams are just a small example of the beautiful things they have!

Please let me know if any of you have tried any of these! Since I won't be able to visit either Paris or London for a bit, I would love a review!


  1. Hello,my dear,dear Friend:-)*

    Unfortunately,I have never tryed those chocolates,what do you asking about!-(*

    But I know very famous kind of chocola from Moscow,realy delicious and very much diffrent kinds of!

    Wish you lovely weekend,

  2. I didn't know about the special little fauchon chocolates...i must go explore there more :-)

    always a big YES PLEASE from me when it comes to chocolate...happy to see we have a love of fine sugary things in common!

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  3. Chocolates, eternally tempting!
    I must confess that I usually go for the chocolate dessert, unless there is something tempting like a slice of Key lime pie. ;-)


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