Thursday, December 31, 2009

Don't Forget to Treat Yourself!

Dear Friends,
I have made the nicest discovery! I have found a wonderful Etsy shop called 5 Dollar French Market! These ladies make very sweet glittered, rubber stamped and tea-stained handmade items and everything in the shop is just $5 (plus a small amount for postage)! This is what I got from them . . .

. . .Five yards of gorgeous ivory seam binding, hand rubber stamped with French text. It comes on a tea-stained, hand-stamped tag. There were also very sweet surprises in the package and each item was packed in stamped glassine bags! In addition, the order was shipped very quickly! What fun!

I think that the next time you are not having the best day in the world (or even to celebrate if your day is going great!!), I would recommend ordering a little something for yourself! The prices are great and the minute you open the package, you can feel the love these ladies must have for making things!

Look for another post later today with my big news . . .


  1. I've seen this shop before Betty but have never ordered from them...must go back and check them out again. I love the idea that $5 spent on a down day, a sad day or a day you feel like a treat is money well spent!! I'm curious about the big news!!! :)

  2. Happy New Year! Your blog has been a treasure this year! So warm and so beautiful!

  3. I love these girls and their packaging is so cute! I just ordered from them again and can't wait to get my things.

    We are really trying to make it until midnight but I am not sure I will!! I am SLEEPY!!

    Love to you and V,


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