Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How Will You Ever Decide?

I bring to you tonight, dear friends, a most appropriate distraction for a warm summer night! I find that when I order ice cream, I generally want several of the flavors they have to offer and even after I have taken my first bite, I am often second-guessing myself as to my selection! Do I really like what I have better than anything else there?? Well, if you share my indecision in relation to ice cream, what I bring you tonight will not help you! Dessert Magazine, that lovely online all-dessert publication has just released their new issue and it is devoted to ice cream (over 200 pages long)! If the pictures alone don't have you swooning, the recipes will! If you didn't sign up when I posted about it last time, please do so now! How can you resist having such fun coming straight to your inbox?


  1. Me too! I want all the flavors always~ Great post for a warm summer night~

  2. I just got in and had to pop by quickly!

    I love this image....I have a banner I made with this image! LOVE IT!

    We have lots to catch up on and I am elated you are now on our team :) I missed you!

    Off to collapse in my nest and sleep!


  3. Aw geez, now I have to stop what I'm doing cause I'm possessed to go get some ice cream! Love that first shot!

  4. Thanks for sharing about the Desserts magazine. I just subscribed. I love my sweets.

  5. Oh, I love ice cream!!! I'm off to subscribe right now!! Thank you!! xx

  6. What an enchanting and delicious post!! Thank you so much for sharing this treasure with us, yumm!!


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