Thursday, June 11, 2009

Something for Everyone . . .

The delectable Miss Gla'Gla Montebello (pistachio ice cream swirled with strawberries on pistachio macaron biscuits)

This is a special post for my friend LuLu. If you will look at yesterday's post, you will see that I had posted about an intrieging new dessert from Pierre Hermé that contains tomatoes. LuLu commented that she would have to have something else as tomatoes give her hives (Yikes!). So, hopefully there will be something to appeal to you from this list, Miss LuLu!

In my Montebello Mystery post, I mentioned something that I wanted to talk about a bit more, and so tonight I bring you another wonderful treat that can be found at the endless world of endless treats at Pierre Hermé: his version of an ice cream sandwich (with, of course, ever-so-much more class!). He calls them Miss Gla’Gla and they are made with sorbets and ice creams in his fetish flavors and most have a macaron shell instead of a cookie.

I’m afraid the next time we are in Paris, if it is in the warm weather months, we will have a hard time deciding which of these to try!

PLÉNITUDE - (chocolate ice cream with bits of salted chocolate, swirled with caramel ice cream with bits of salted caramel, two macaron biscuits) An intensely-flavored ice cream trapped between two macaroon cookies... A creation where the crunchy and salty are revealed in the smoothness of a bittersweet chocolate ice cream and caramel.

INFINIMENT CARAMEL - (salted butter caramel ice cream and bits of crunchy caramel, two crunchy, sugary biscuits) All the power of caramel is underscored by its delicious saltiness. The whole is an agreement where the crunchy pieces of caramel and crisp sugar biscuit contrast with the ice cream.

CELESTE - (passionfruit ice cream, strawberry sorbet, rhubarb compote with strawberries, two macaron biscuits) A subtle blend this gourmet ice cream returns to sour notes in an original fruity combination of the Céleste flavors: Passionfruit, Strawberry and Rhubarb. An arrangement of fruit in all its sandwiched simplicity between two macaron biscuits.

SATINE - (cream-cheese sorbet, orange sauce, passionfruit sorbet, two passionfruit macaron biscuits) An ice in the Satine flavor, which plays on the association between the soft macaroon, the creaminess of the cheese sorbet and sherbet acidity of the passion fruit and orange sauce.

ISPAHAN - (Litchi sorbet with rose, raspberry sorbet, two rose-scented macaron biscuits) Miss Gla'Gla in Ispahan flavor returns in the flagship House of Pierre Hermé combination of flavors A subtle blend of litchi sorbet flavored with rose and raspberry sorbet, all between two rose-scented macaron biscuits.

A ha! The solution! Why choose when we can just plan to return again and again until we have tried them all?


  1. Ooooooooo, I think I would LOVE the pistachio one with the strawberries the best but I wouldn't turn down any of the other ones either! I could even eat these for breakfast!


  2. You have the best ideas LuLu!! It sounds like the perfect way to start the day! I think I would try the Satine with the cream cheese sorbet first! And then get a bite of Mr. V's who would probably have the one of the caramel or caramel/chocolate ones!!



  3. This is making my mouth water!

    xoxo Noel


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